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Don’t Settle For Less

Our Mission

Europe and Japan has 400 years history of friendship, and it started from a small island „Kyushu“, in the southern part of Japan.
Europe and Japan has signed historical agreement of EPA, Economic Partnership Agreement in 1st February 2019. Now we are in the era of new opportunity to make business with Japan.
However, due to language barrier and the difference of business culture, the business between Europe and Japan has been remained to be smaller than the volume supposed to be.
We, Geniosan will be your reliable BRIDGE to find, purchase, research, import excellent Japanese products in Europe and export European excellent products to Japan.

Charge Forward

Geniosan History

Director Maximilian Payr has worked in car coating business in Salzburg, and one day he found an unique coating product made in Japan on YouTube. He contacted the manufacturer, and Naotaka Kojima, the manufacturer of the coating, Naotaka replied to Maximilian, on 3rd November 2016. This was the beginning.
After Maximilian purchased some of Japanese products he found the quality is excellent, and the price wasn’t expensive as many European expected. He wondered why and knew how the products was arranged in Japan.
Naotaka visited Salzburg in 2017 and they met there for the first time, spent many days to understand each other. Naotaka personally liked Austria because his mother used to be a piano teacher and he studied Austrian history in high school. They talked on many topics on Europe and Japan, and reached agreement to start something new between Europe and Japan, especially in trading.
Maximilian visited Japan in 2018, spent several weeks in Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga and Kumamoto) and Tokyo. He was impressed with the hospitality and professionalism of Kyushu SME, and knew many excellent Tokyo products were actually produced in Kyushu. However Kyushu people weren’t fluent in foreign language. He found a new opportunity „see in Tokyo, buy in Kyushu“ because this channel can reduce meaningless commission of brokers and consultants, can maximize profit margin for European resellers and Japanese SME, it can make both parties happy.
Maximilian visited several government agencies such as FFTA (Fukuoka Foreign Trade Association), FCCI (Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Kumamoto prefecture government, Kumamoto city government, Yatsushiro city government. He was impressed with the hospitality and honesty of governments staffs in Japan, and he was surprised at knowing the fact that nearly everyone said „you are the first European businessman who visited us“. The same applied to local SME, all of the manufacturers told Maximilian „you are the first European guest“.
Yes, it has been difficult for most Europeans to meet Japanese local SME directly because of lack of linkage and language, but due to internet now it became possible. Maximilian was sure of his idea and shared the same perception with Naotaka.

After that both of Maximilian and Naotaka visited each other several times and shared the same business concept and vision, „we can connect Europe and Japan in the new ways!“

Geniosan was born.

Our Specialties

We Can Do It All.

Business Consulting

Market Research



Technology Transfer

Movie Promotion

Certification Agency

Trade Show Agency


From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

We are good at developing product concept so we can offer your own OEM (private brand) product from Japan, that has been impossible with Japan due to language barrier and different of business culture.

In Japan 65% of patents are owned by SME and many European companies have longed for dealing with them directly, and we made it possible.

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