Ceramic Coffee Filter



Tradition of Hasami porcelain of Nagasaki nurtured in 400 years history has developed Japanese cutting edge porous ceramic paperless coffee filter „CeraFil“. You don’t need paper filter and dripper any longer.

CeraFil has been succeeded in coating golden (platinum) glaze on the porous ceramic surface.

Luxurious look, convenience and usability of triangle edge, pre-washing function of soak holder are additional benefits of CeraFil for you to enjoy your coffee in the new style.

How To Enjoy

Easy & Simple Brewing!

Step 1

1. Prepare for your favorite coffee bean.
(Extra coarse, Coarse, Medium, Medium fine, Fine, Extra fine are all OK)

Step 2

2. Drip hot water.

Step 3

3. Remove CeraFil after dripping.

Step 4

4. Put CeraFil on the soak holder, enjoy your coffee. Soak holder keeps the bottom of CeraFil wet while you enjoy coffee time.

Why Cerafil?

4 Advantages Of CERAFIL

1. Glittering Triangle Edge

Triangle edge of CeraFil plays role of dripper. Eco friendly, smart and stylish coffee time is yours without using paper filter and dripper. The edge covers 5.5-9cm diameter and it can be put directly on the coffee cup, mug cup and coffee server. Because of the gap in the edge, you can see inside of cup clearly so your coffee won’t be spilled out.

2. Effect of porous ceramic

Although we sometimes don’t care very much, water affects flavor coffee. CeraFil removes chloride from water and the effect of FIR (far infrared ray) makes water itself smoother and milder. Porous ceramic extracts aroma and oil of your coffee. In short, CeraFil enables coffee bean to meet the best water. Because of the flat shape of the bottom part, you can enjoy hot coffee in the same dripping speed with the paper filter.

3. Soak holder for pre-washing

Because of the unique property of porous ceramic, clogging has been major problem of ceramic made filter. CeraFil has „soak holder“ that keeps the bottom part wet after brewing coffee. Soak holder prevents coffee powder in pores to get dry and stuck. In short, coffee time itself becomes pre-washing process of CeraFil. Soak holder may look like supporting actor in your coffee time, but the surface finishing method is Japanese beautiful bisque style. Soak holder itself is also the art of Hasami porcelain.

4. Stylish photogenic item

When does your coffee time start and end? CeraFil is not a friend only when you brew, drink coffee. Even when you just leave, display CeraFil, it decorates your space with beautiful color and form.

CeraFil has two faces, one is daily using coffee gear and another is simply beautiful hand craft of Hasami porcelain. CeraFil is with you even after you drank the last drop of your coffee.

HOw to use

Cleaning &
Maintance OF CERAFIL

1. Soak holder already finishes pre-washing process with the effect of keeping the bottom part wet while you enjoy coffee.

2. When you clean up CeraFil, please shake it and drop coffee powder. If you scrub coffee powder gently, it will be removed easily from CeraFil.

3. Because of the grey color of CeraFil, you can easily find which part coffee part remains. After cleaning please wash with water. When water becomes transparent, cleaning has been completed successfully.

4. If you can’t wash powder off well, please use bottom washable small brush.

* Please do not use detergent.
* When you left CeraFil long time without washing (more than 10 hours), please boil CeraFil with hot water at least 10 minutes. Clogging is solved and coffee powder, oil will be removed clearly.
* You don’t have to use fire nor oven to clean CeraFil up.


This is the background of CERAFIL


1. No use of paper and plastic
2. Zero waste in whole brewing process to reduce waste in the use of outdoor (glamping, tiny house)
3. More extraction of oil in the age of „third wave coffee“
4. Only high quality micro porous ceramic is used in CERAFIL
5. No clogging even in 2 days leaving on the soak holder
6. Must be beautiful as handmade pottery
7. Must be functional as a coffee gear
8. More aroma and oil than paper filter
9. Longer usage and more eco friendly than flannel and paper
10. Easier cleaning and maintenance without using fire and heat
11. Since 99% of coffee is water, so CERAFIL must affect water before brewing coffee
12. Filter and dripper will be united in one gear, for the first time in the world.
13. Users will be excited to buy, have, use, show and send as gift.

Compared To Paper Filter

Paper filter was originally invented with Mrs Melitta Bentz of Germany, who was housewife and happened to filtered coffee with paper, and patented it, great invention coffee history.


1. sometimes paper smells.
2. users need to rinse paper before brewing coffee
3. we cut 1.5 millions of trees to produce coffee paper filter per a year, it’s not eco friendly in this era.
4. If you don’t have paper in your home, you can’t drink coffee.
5. Sometimes the pores is too tight, can’t brew coffee oil enough.

Compared To Flannel Filter

Flannel filter was originally developed by the metal artisan of France who brewed soup stock. He used flannel to drip coffee, and it worked well. Flannel could reduce sediment singnificantly compared to mesh made of metal. It was also a great invention and leap for coffee to be drunk among many people in Europe.


1. Flannel brewing tastes very good however washing and maintenance are sometimes troublesome.
2. Sometimes color changes and sediment isn’t washed off enough.
3. Flannel doesn’t stand alone, so it requires dripper or other equipment.
4. After all, it needs to be replaced like paper.

Compared To Metal Filter

Metal filter was originally invented in France in 1780 and it was patented in the name of Bigging in 1802. It was also a great improvement of brewing coffee however unfortunately, in that era grinding mill was also developed, so people got more aware of aroma and flavor of coffee. Biggin looked like modern tea pot, filtering mesh was equipped in the pot and not separated from the coffee server. In a way it was advanced design.


1. Metal filter can brew more oil compared to paper, however it extracts more sediment too.
2. It is excellent in filtering however the metal material itseld doesn‘ have any function.
3. It can’t prevent leakage so after all it requires supporting material as dripper, and sometimes it’s plastic.
4. It can be used repeatedly however it doesn’t affect water and coffee positively.

Compared To Existing Ceramic Filter

Ceramic coffee filter was born in Japan in 1994. After the long age of percolator,cage, hot pot, metal, flannel and paper, coffee brewing material itself was refreshed in Japan where still has short history of coffee.
Unlike other materials such as glass, paper, porcelain, flannel, plastic, ceramic has function of filtering with FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) that works to release tightness of water molecule and affects enhancing coffee aroma (sweetness and flavor).

1. Only porous ceramic has FIR effect but because of this advantage, cerami has problem of clogging.
2. Existing ceramic filter often requires cleaning by fire. In modern house people has IH oven, so in these house they can’t clean existing ceramic filter.
3. Existing ceramic filter still needs dripper to make filter stand.
4. Existing ceramic filter suggest coarse grinding only. It limits freedom to enjoy coffee.
5. Existing ceramic filter requires heat to clean, and it’s obviously dangerous.
6. Existing ceramic filter is sometimes broken when being cooled down suddenly.
7. Exisitng ceramic filter is not free from problem of clogging. More than 50% users were forced to stop using due to clogging, sometimes after using 4-5 times only.

For Dealers

Coffee can be better.
Better for customers, better for cafe, shops and nature. CERAFIL can be exported to your country from Hasami, Japan.
If you are interested in distributing CERAFIL as local agent, please kindly fill following form in English. We will reply in 1-3 working days.

1. Product name : CERAFIL (Porous ceramic paperless coffee filter)
2. Size and weight : Please see below
3. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) : 12 pieces
4. FOB price Salzburg
Please ask inf@geniosan.com
* One sample is 95 €. Please pay shipping charge.
5. Raw material : Ceramic (Alumina, Calsium oxide)
6. Product lifespan : 80 years (if you don’t break)
7. Color type:
(1) Golden edge with dark brown holder
(2) Platin edge with turquoise blue holder
8. Payment terms : Cash in advance
9. Payment method : PayPal (Credit card), T/T
10. Maximum supply volume : 5,000 pcs/month
11. Lead time : Shipping in 3 days after confirming payment
12. Hermonization System Code Number (HS-Code) : 6902.20.000
13. Certificate of origin : available
14. Trademark : Registered in Japan
15. Product origin : Nagasaki, Japan
16. Manufacturer : Saiji Koubou Issaku-gama (Kiln)

Ceramic Coffee Filter made in HASAMI, JAPAN